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On Sunday, June 5, we celebrate all Father's!

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All the best for Father's!

How did Swiss Father's Day come about?

Today, fathers play an increasingly important role. They do many things differently than mothers, but it works. Find out who introduced Father's Day in Switzerland here.



Mothers protect, fathers encourage


Children are no longer just «women's business». Today, more than 84 percent of fathers cuddle with their children. They play «ringmaster» or «tea party» with them, comfort, help and take care of them.

Fathers do many things differently. That's why they depend on partners who can let go. But the main thing is that it works. This not only relieves the burden on mothers, but also creates real closeness to the children.

According to researchers, mothers often take on a protective role. Fathers, on the other hand, encourage their children to open to the world and become more independent. 

Father's Day Switzerland since 2007


To remind us of this, Swiss Father's Day was launched by mä in 2007. It serves to recognize fatherly commitment and motivates us all to value our fathers.

In German and French-speaking Switzerland, Father's Day is on the first Sunday in June, while in Ticino it has long been held on March 19. But here as there: the goal is to show our fathers how much we love them.

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