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June 4 is Father's Day

Time for a gift that says a lot  

All the best for Father's!

No, Father's Day is not a date to give another tie. There are clearly better gifts. Just think about what makes your dad lovable and express that through one of our cool «plants for men». Some are robust, undemanding and easy to care for, others are rather sensitive and somewhat more demanding.

Our advice? For affable dads, plants like succulents fit the bill, making little to no demands and still looking good. For more demanding dads, on the other hand, fancy foliage plants that need a little more attention but are real eye-catchers. In addition, each man plant has its own motto. For example, there is «Sporting ace to the fingertips», «Always at your service», «Outside hard, inside soft» or also «Strength lies in peace». Well, is this ringing any bells? Of course, there are many more statements. And we're sure you'll find the right green buddy to show your dad how you see him and how much you love him. 

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The origin of the Swiss Father's Day, amazing facts about domestic and foreign counterparts, worldwide Father's Day dates and loving Father's Day gift ideas: you'll find it all here...


Are you looking for a suitable plant for your dad? Dive into our assortment!

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