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Bruce, Jack & Co. on tour

Man's World Zurich 30.1. to 2.2.2020    

Männerpflanzen? Hipp, cool, funky!


Last year Fleurop's plants for men already caused a big stir. That's why Jack, Bruce, Harry & Co. could also be found at Man's World this year from 30.1.-2.2.2020.



A visit to Garage Fischer in Baldegg 

From Blumen Villiger to the car show


In November, Bruce and his buddies felt right at home in the company of these shining dreams on 4 wheels at Garage Fischer in Baldegg.

At home they are usually at Blumen Villiger in Hochdorf. But who doesn't need a little change of scenery? Anyway, our men's plants have enjoyed their stay very much...


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