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«Männerpflanzen» Q & A
Männerpflanzen sind das ideale Geschenk für Männer.

 Why plants for men? 

Das Männerpflanzen-Sortiment beinhalt all unsere Pflanzen für Männer.

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Facts and Tales


Do you know Grönemeyer's song «Männer»? 

He originated in the eighties and drew the differentiated picture of the "other man", the opposite of the patriarch or macho. A man who is hard on the outside and soft on the inside and with whom one can also talk.  


Today it is quite normal for a man to show his soft side. It is natural that he should not be ashamed to give and demand tenderness, to show vulnerability and to penetrate into typical female domains. The modern man takes care of himself, is often a good cook, is fashionable and likes to live beautifully. This also includes plants, which are usually uncomplicated and easy to care for.


However, it still depends on which man you give which plant. Succulents, for example, are less demanding than foliage plants. But it's also about finding the right succulent or leaf plant for the right man.


Question: What is the man the plant should fit to? Is he always there for you? A sporting ace? Unconcerned like Prince Harry? Successful like Bill Gates? Or does he always like to get to the point? For these types of men and a few more, offers plants that might suit them. In a stylish planter with funny postcards. And of course with easy to follow care tips that make even talentless men into enthusiastic hobby gardeners with green thumbs.

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