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gift occasions

«Männerpflanze» - The perfect gift for «him»

Special gift occasions for plants for men 


Plants for men? Fit not only when the sweetheart has a birthday. Because the green friends are charming and surprise on other occasions too.

Occasions for men only? Well, there's Father's Day (first Sunday in June), or International Men's Day (November 19). Or maybe you think of men on St Nicholas' Day (December 6). Or on Grandparents' Day (October 10 - after all, grandpa is a man).


But these are just the obvious events for men. There's also Valentine's Day, Singles' Day, Siblings' Day (think of your brother!), Neighbors' Day (it doesn't have to be the grumpy guy next door), Friendship Day or Just Because Day.


If you're wondering when these and more special occasions are happening, check out our special pages. Have fun!



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