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Special edition: Baby plants for men

Looking for plant diversity in a small space? Then our set of baby plants for men is ideal. The little offspring are in no way inferior to their big role models. Accordingly, Baby Freddy is an Echeveria, baby William a Sansevieria Mikado and baby Bill a Crassula ovata. The attractive set is offered with a matching postcard and comes in a stylish tote bag for plants for men.


The idea came about because many customers wanted small plants for bookshelves, niches, office desks and other places where there is little space, but a lively little plant still looks good!  

This cool package consists of three baby plants for men:

Baby Freddy


Baby William



Baby Bill




The set of baby plants for men comes with a matching postcard (in the language of the delivery location) and in a stylish tote bag for plants for men.

Whether for Father's Day, as a birthday greeting or just because, the baby plants for men set is suitable for any occasion.


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