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Dream duo.

Why men and plants go together so well

Men are from Mars, women from Venus? 

Maybe. But hey: Most men are uncomplicated. They surround themselves with things they enjoy, mainly because they like them, because they are inspiring or simply practical.


If you choose plants wisely, they are ideal roommates for men. Because quite apart from the fact that they look pretty, they make the home more homely. And they don't cause any stress. They never get mad, have nothing against sports broadcasts on television, don't always want to "talk" and don't ask any questions in the evening when you get home late.


In addition, men and plants are similar: Some are robust, frugal and easy to care for, others are rather sensitive. Robust guys therefore go well with plants such as succulents, which have practically no requirements. For the more sensitive men, on the other hand, easy-care foliage plants are also suitable, although they need a little more attention.


And here is a tip for women: Men who have plants in their men's den show that they are at least caring enough to keep something green alive. That's a good starting point for a possible relationship, isn't it?

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