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Pot-Ø: 25cm

Height: approx. 85cm 


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Care tips

  • The Monstera loves a bright location without direct sunlight.

  • The plant should only be watered moderately. The soil should be slightly moist but not wet.

  • Fertilize the plant occasionally (twice a month are completely sufficient).

  • The Monstera rarely produces flowers as indoor plant. Should it nevertheless bloom, we recommend cutting off the flowers with a sharp knife, as they withdraw a lot of strength from the plant and develop a rather unpleasant smell.

0.5 dl / week
a lot of light

Symbolism, colours & shapes

Large, green, attractively perforated leaves: The Monstera is simply unique. But there are quite different species and varieties. In addition to the green variety, there is, for example, a white-variegated and a climbing plant with small leaves that have large holes. The leaves of a young Monstera are heart-shaped. If the plant receives sufficient light and moisture, the leaves grow and deep cuts are formed. Adult leaves can have a diameter of up to one meter.

According to feng shui, Monstera is a love plant. It helps to overcome fears, has a harmonising effect and radiates calm. No wonder, it stands for a long life in China. These are good reasons to give a Monstera to someone you especially like.


The Monstera belongs to the family of the Araceae. They are lianas from Panama and southern Mexico. There the plants climb up to 20 meters high into the trees. With their fleshy aerial roots they cling to tree trunks and rocks or to the ground with adhesive roots. In the meantime, the plants are also widespread in the forests of Southeast Asia.

The best known species is the Monstera deliciosa. The species name "deliciosa" refers to the wonderful, 20 cm long fruits that were formerly cultivated in Central America. The taste reminds a little of banana in combination with pineapple. At home, however, your plant does not easily become a Monstera fruit basket.

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