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 This is Freddy. 


Pot-Ø: 12cm

Height: approx. 15cm 




Go get him.

Care tips

  • Place them in a half-shaded or sunny position.

  • The soil may dry a little between waterings.

  • Avoid waterlogging in the root area.

  • Good news for all men: care is easy. The plant is very foregivable with mistakes.

0.2 dl / 2 weeks
a lot of light

Symbolism, colours & shapes

In its fleshy and beautiful leaves, the Echeveria stores water as a supply for dry times. Which is very practical if you want it to survive during your summer vacation. 

Large, small, grey-green, purple or reddish, smooth, hairy or fluffy: there are many different Echeverias. But all succulents have one thing in common, for instance their juicy, fleshy leaves, which are disposed rosette-shaped in the Echeveria.

In some species, thin stems grow from the leaf axils in the center of the rosette with bell-shaped yellow, orange or red flowers that tower over the plant


The Echeveria stores water in its leaves, stems and roots, so the plant survives periods of drought. This is understandable considering that its natural habitat are the desert areas of Texas, Mexico, Central and South America. The genus bears its name in memory of the Mexican botanical artist and naturalist Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy. He participated in the "Royal Botanical Expedition to New Spain", which explored the flora of Central and North America from 1786 to 1803. Meanwhile, the Echeveria is a popular houseplant.

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