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Beaucarnea recurvata or Elephant foot


Elephant foot «George»? Easy-care like no other plant! 

The Elephant foot almost thrives by itself. Just give it a bright, warm location and make sure that it doesn't get midday sun or draught. Only water when the soil feels fairly dry and turn the pot a quarter of a turn here and there so that the stem grows straight. The less you spend time with the Elephant foot, the more comfortable it feels.

If you put it outdoors in summer, you should slowly get it used to the sunlight. As soon as the temperature drops, bring it back inside. From November to February, the Elephant foot needs a rest period. It is best to place it in a cool, bright place with temperatures between 5 and 15 degrees C. Water very sparingly now, but make sure that the root ball does not dry out. Since the Elephant foot is succulent, it now uses the water reserves stored in the trunk. Tip: make sure that it does not stand cold in winter by placing wooden, cork or polystyrene slabs under pots that stand on tiles or stone.


More serenity in life with Elephant foot «George» 

The Elephant foot has many good characteristics. It is not only pretty to look at, but also durable and easy to care for. The latter is due to the fact that it comes from the dry forests of Mexico. In order to survive longer periods of water shortage there, it uses the water that it has stored in its thickened trunk.

The Elephant foot is a symbol of strength and endurance. Since nothing can upset it so quickly, it is also regarded as a center of strength for stable and enduring development. This makes it the ideal gift for new beginnings, such as a move, the beginning of the year or a new period of life.


According to Feng Shui, the Elephant foot has a strong calming energy. This has a positive effect especially on stressful people and lively children, but it also encourages others to take a more relaxed approach to life.

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