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Name day James

25 July

James, extremely attractive 

James is the English form of the first name Jacob, which comes from Hebrew. In English-speaking countries James is very popular ... almost as much as the men’s plant of the same name. It is a Philodendron, also known as Monstera. Apart from the fact that the plant looks extremely attractive, its large leaves have a particularly high oxygen production and reduce the exposure to pollutants in the air. This is appreciated and that's why the motto of the plant is «Always at your service».

But perhaps that also applies to the human James of this world? Well-known namesakes are: actor James Dean; musician and bandleader James Brown; singer James Douglas Morrison, called Jim Morrison; guitarist and singer James Marshall Hendrix, called Jimi Hendrix; and the fictional character James Bond of course, a Secret Intelligence Service Agent with code number 007.

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