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Your «Männerpflanze» video and radio spot channel

From the live of our men's plants

We capture the most exciting moments from the life of our plants for men. Experience the first day of production or the launch of the «Männerpflanze» product line in the Fleurop Shop. Have fun!


5 Videos for Father's Day, 7 June 2020 

Your father knows a lot?

Say thank you. 7 Juni is Father's Day. 


... of the product line in the Fleurop Shop.

What «man» really wants 

Grow a plant, grow as a man.

 Tele1 at Blumen Villiger  

Tele1 visiting Blumen Villiger in Hochdorf.

Tele1 at Blumen Leutwyler 

Tele1 visiting Blumen Leutwyler in Luzern.


Experience the first day of production.

Production Day

Radio spots.


Gender stereotypes


Pithy plants for Valentine's Day

Radio Bern1

Latest trends at the Ornaris

Radio Ostschweiz

«Männerpflanze» for Valentine's Day

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