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 This is Mike. 


Pot-Ø: 20cm

Height: approx. 75cm 

Sporting ace

to the


Go get him.

Care tips

  • The Calathea likes a bright, semi-shaded location, but no direct sun.

  • Regular spraying with water contributes to its well-being.  

  • During winter the Calathea needs less water.

0.5 dl / Week
medium light

Symbolism, colours & shapes

Look at the leaves of the Calathea. They are wavy, corrugated and have round, pointed or oval shapes. There are even more things to report: As soon as the sun rises, the magnificent leaves open to catch the sunlight and close again in the evening. This is why Calathea symbolizes a new beginning.


The Calathea was discovered in the primeval forests of the Amazon region. To be exact, it was found in the shady areas under the dense vegetation. So a little shadow doesn't bother your Calathea at all. Go ahead if you want to put it in a shady corner in the bathroom, hallway or bedroom. But don't be frightened by the nocturnal plant movements.

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