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 This is Max. 


Pot-Ø: 12cm

Height: approx. 20cm 



for you.

Go get him.

Care tips.

  • This easy-care plant does not need much water. 

  • In summer you can put the plant in the sun (indoors or outdoors) and in winter it likes a cool, light location indoors. So it starts well rested into the next spring and even flourishes the better.

  • Pamper your cactus in spring and summer with special cactus fertilizer.

  • Ensure that children and pets do not injure themselves on the plant.

0.2 dl / 2 weeks
a lot of light

 Symbolism, colours & shapes

The Myrtillocactus is not associated with any symbolism and there is no legend about the plant. But you can make one up in a jiffy. The cactus is a great symbol of sociability and fellowship. And the fact that he stings well, that can also be understood as a suggestion to do something nice with friends. Right? 

If you create perfect conditions for this new friend, he quickly grows into a handsome guy ... After the green-white flowers, blue berries grow on this cactus. Hence the epithet “Blueberry Cactus”. In Mexico it is even eaten as a snack. The green of the plant body has the same function as the green of the leaves of other plants: it enables the plant to produce oxygen and sugar.


Originally the Myrtillocactus is native to Mexico and Guatemala

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