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Man's World Zurich

30.01. - 2.02.2020

Männerpflanzen stand with cool activities

Great, that you've been there!

Plants for men? Hip, cool, funky!

Last year Fleurop's plants for men already caused a big stir. That's why Jack, Bruce, Harry & Co. could also be found at Man's World this year from 30.1.-2.2.


About a year ago they were launched as a new, innovative product line from Fleurop. In just under a year, the green wonder boys have already conquered the whole of Switzerland. The hearts of the ladies because they see in them an original gift for partners and friends, the men's world because the plants are not only easy to care for, but above all they look great. At last a not so ordinary gift for men.


At the Man's World stand, at any rate, you were able to admire them in all their glory. And because «Männerpflanze» is not a boring brand in itself, it was entertaining. Have you had the chance to take a look at our Activity Wall or have you been voted champion in one of our competitions? Great, that you've been there, we enjoyed your visit!


Männerpflanzen. Available now online.

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