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Ficus Ginseng

(Chinese banyan)

Pot-Ø: 18cm

Height: approx. 52 cm


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Care tips

  • Water the Ficus ginseng rather sparingly, a little more in summer than in winter.

  • Is it warm at home? Spray the Ficus with water from time to time.

  • Give the Ficus Ginseng some fertilizer regularly.

  • This plant can also be placed outside in the summer, but preferably in a slightly shadier place.

  • It is best to hibernate it in a cool place at about 12°C.

  • Recommended: water with rainwater or stale tap water.


Symbolism, colours & shapes

The name Ficus Ginseng sounds like a special tea, but don't let that fool you. The name «Ginseng» refers to the shape of this houseplant. The base of Ficus Ginseng is similar in shape to the Asian ginseng root. Ficus Ginseng is often shaped like a bonsai. «Bonsai» is the Japanese term for «potted tree», a miniature version of a mature tree in the wild. That feels totally GinZEN, doesn't it?

An eccentric shape, branching aerial roots with stiff, oval and glossy leaves on the branches: welcome to Ficus Ginseng, also known as Ficus microcarpa. This is a perfect bonsai for beginners! This sturdy bonsai is easy to handle, gives you a relaxed feeling and changes its appearance - depending on the angle of view. Give this extraordinary plant the attention it deserves.



Originally, the Ficus Ginseng was especially popular in parts of Asia. The roots of this houseplant are still cultivated in China and Malaysia, where they have about 15 years to take on their eccentric form. Then they are imported by Dutch growers and cultivated in greenhouses as bonsai. So, a Ficus Ginseng has already had a long life when it crosses the threshold of your living room.

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