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 This is Harry. 

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue  (Sansevieria laurentii)   

Pot-Ø: 18cm

Height: approx. 60cm



Go get him.

Care tips

  • The plant tolerates very well dry heat, for example, central heating.

  • This plant likes to be in a bright place, but does not love direct sunlight.

  • Give this desert dweller little water, let the soil dry well until the next watering.

  • Most important: It is better to water the plant less than too much. 

  • The Mother-in-law tongue has air-purifying qualities, which is the reason why it's so great for your bedroom or office.

0.5 dl / 2 weeks
a lot of light

Symbolism, colours & shapes 

The spiky tip of the leaf has earned the plant’s nickname, the "Mother-in-Law’s Tongue". So if you have chosen this plant for the mother of your significant other, tell her right away that this gift is not a negative allusion.  

You love being able to choose various options? Fortunately, there are about 70 different species of this plant. Typical is its grey-green coloring, with horizontal stripes, spots and yellow edges. Would you rather have a darker plant? Then place it further away from the window. If you prefer lighter leaves, then a place at the window is optimal. The leaves are stiff, sword-shaped, sharply-pointed and rise in a rosette from a thick rhizome. These impressive peaks are usually no taller than one meter. They use all their strength to grow. Even the pot can burst if it's not big enough. Flowers rarely appear. But if they do, your patience will be rewarded by a lovely sweet fragrance.


The Sansevieria is used to warmth because it comes from desert areas, including Ethiopia. In 1794 the naturalist Carl Peter Thunberg gave this plant its botanical name after the Italian scientist, inventor and aristocrat Raimondo di Sangro, VII Prince of Sansevero

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