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 This is Frankie. 


(Ficus lyrata bambino) 

Pot-Ø: 15cm

Height: approx. 50cm


a good


Go get him.

 Care tips

  • Give the plant a bright position, but avoid direct sunlight.    

  • Leaves remain shiny if you wipe them regularly with a damp cloth.

0.5 dl / week
a lot of light

Symbolism, colours & shapes

There are no myths or exciting stories to tell about Ficus lyrata. But the well-loved houseplant owes its popular name to its wavy large leaves, which in their shape resemble a violin. This plant adds the final touch to your home. So you can relax even better and enjoy life.  

50 cm long leaves are no exception with this ficus. With their green, leathery and shiny leaf surface and the bright leaf veins they are not to be overlooked. The veins lie sunken in the violin-shaped leaf. 


The Ficus lyrata originates from the African rainforest from Liberia to Gabon. Only here the wild form occurs. Because only here lives the fig wasp, which is of crucial importance for the reproduction of the plant. The ficus has a very unusual pollination mechanism. Each Ficus species has its own wasp, so to speak. The wasp lays eggs in the fig tree and the larvae develop in it.

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