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Sansevieria Mikado or Bowstring Hemp


Sunnyboy «William» always fits 

For a long time, it was rather rare to find. Since a few years it belongs to the trend plants. We are talking about the Sansevieria cylindrica Mikado. It has a modern flair, which fits well into today's home furnishings. Depending on how it is cultivated, its leaves can grow up to one meter long. However, it does not only look good in living rooms. Because it also converts carbon into oxygen at night and loves high humidity, it is also an ideal decoration for bedrooms and bathrooms. A little all-rounder, our «William» and not by chance «Everybody's Darling».


Sansevieria Mikado «William» in oracle look 

In the world of British royalty, Harry and William are siblings. And in the world of plants for men they are siblings as well, for both are Sansevieria. In contrast to Harry, however, the plant for men «William» is a Sansevieria cylindrica. It owes its name to the competition of a large Dutch daily newspaper, which invited «creative readers» to submit name suggestions. Well, they don't seem to have been that imaginative in view of the cylindrically shaped leaves. More original were other trivial names that also came up. For example, cylindrical snake plant, African spear or - in Brazil - Saint Barbara sword. The variety name «Mikado», on the other hand, goes back to the well-known pick-up sticks game, because the plant leaves are reminiscent of wooden sticks, which in turn are derived from East Asian oracle techniques.

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