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Silver vine or Scindapsus pictus


Silver vine «Richard» - as stunning as namesake Gere 

As a houseplant, silver vine does not flower. However, it does form heart-shaped, dull green leaves with light spotted markings on long shoots. These reflect the light in a special way and give the plant an almost magical attraction.


It is not for nothing that silver vine is considered one of the most beautiful houseplants.


Silver vine thrives in the tropical forests of Asia, the Western Pacific, North and Northwest Australia, and New Guinea. As a young plant, it grows along the ground and has rather inconspicuous leaves. This changes when it begins to climb up a tree.

Silver vine «Richard» - likes it bright and humid 

Silver vine does not need much care. Give it a bright location without direct sun. The more patterned the leaves, the lighter it needs. If the plant stands darker, the marbling will weaken.


Important: silver vines only feel comfortable at temperatures above 15 degrees. Ideally, these are between 18- and 25-degrees C. Higher temperatures require increased humidity and more watering. Speaking of humidity, silver vine likes humidity above 50 percent. So, spray it as often as possible and consider whether your bathroom might be the right location. It does not like drafts.


Therefore, find it a place that is as sheltered as possible.

Silver vine «Richard» - recognize care errors 


Silver vine «Richard» - a symbol of poets and thinkers? 

The botanical name of the silver vine is Scindapsus pictus. The word «scindapsos» derives from ancient Greek and means both an «ivy-like plant» and a Greek lyre (ancient stringed instrument).


Ivy-like, of course, is the silver vine because it can climb. The lyre, on the other hand, was considered an invention of Hermes in ancient Greece. The latter gave it to his brother god Apollo as compensation for his theft of cattle. In Hellenism, the lyre was a symbol of poets and thinkers, which later gave rise to the term lyric.

Silver vine «Richard» - represents good luck, success, and wealth

In its native land, the plant is considered a symbol of good luck. In feng shui even for success, prosperity, and good luck.


That is why the silver vine is an absolute must-have not only for yourself. It is also the perfect gift for someone starting a new job, dedicating a new home, facing an exam, celebrating a birthday or «just because». After all, as we all know, you can never have enough success, happiness (and money).


By the way, the silver vine, of course, does well everywhere. But according to feng shui, it fits especially in the home office or workplace.

Your «Richard» has yellow leaves? That can happen, if there are not too many. If it does, the care is not quite optimal.


Most often it is due to watering. Too much water can be just as fatal as far too little. So, if the substrate feels very moist, do not water at all for a week, and then a little less. If the soil is very dry, give the plant a little more water. The plant also does not tolerate low humidity in the long run. This is especially the case in winter when heating is used. Spray the silver vine a little more often and especially do not place it near radiators. 

Silver vine «Richard» - the living room miracle 

Houseplants are healthy because they produce oxygen, provide higher humidity, neutralize harmful gases, and thus purify the air.


Silver vine, however, occupies a special place. That's because, according to a NASA study, it's among the top 10 because it removes toxic gases found in almost all homes and offices. These include such things as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene, which are released by furniture, clothing, flooring, paints and printers, among other things. Through storage and degradation, silver vines are able to neutralize these harmful gases.  Not for nothing they are called real living room miracles!

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