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Madagascar-Palm or Pachypodium lamerei 


Madagascar palm «Kariem» - is not by chance dedicated to our brand ambassador

If you're wondering what a plant has in common with our brand ambassador Kariem Hussein, it quickly becomes clear. Both want to aim high. Kariem Hussein is a top athlete and physician as well as a person who is constantly developing and never stands still. This ability to never give up plays a big role in Kariem's life. No matter what happens, he stays on course: calm, level-headed and self-confident. Just like our Madagascar palm. Hence the slogan: «Keep going. Keep growing.»


By the way: visually, both also impress with minimalism and elegance. And both come from the southern hemisphere. So, you see: the Madagascar palm is not called «Kariem» by chance.

It likes it warm and only rebels when it gets too cold 

A place at the south window free? That's great. Because the Madagascar palm is only too happy to move into a full-sun location. If you cannot offer it, the location should at least be very bright, all year round.


Many plants start to nag in the winter, namely when heating. The Madagascar palm, on the other hand, would - if it could - ask you for it. It likes the cozy warmth on the windowsill and can even tolerate the dry air created by the heating. And if the mercury reads 30 degrees Celsius or more in the summer? No problem. Madagascar palm «Kariem» can handle it. Only it should not get too cold. Because if the thermometer shows less than 15 degrees, the plant rebels.

Madagascar palm «Kariem» - an undemanding beauty 

Madagascar palm is so undemanding that it is suitable as a plant even for beginners. So, whether cool 16 degrees C or summery 30 degrees - it takes it calmly. Even in terms of humidity, the plant has no special requirements.


Water rather moderately, the root ball should dry a little before the next watering. Too much water or even waterlogging will cause the stem to rot. Especially in winter, caution is advised. Now infrequent watering is called for (every eight weeks should be enough). Because of the reduced influence of light, the plant needs a break now.


In the cold season, the Madagascar palm may well drop some leaves. But no panic. They will grow back.

Completely on the rise 

Thanks to their expressive appearance, Madagascar palms are becoming increasingly popular as potted plants. They are robust and require little care. Moreover, they are attractive. Their silhouettes are reminiscent of palm trees, although they are not. After about ten years Madagascar palms in the room reach a meter in height, with time it can be more. Until this plant blooms, you often must wait many years. But then, with a little luck, you will be rewarded by pleasantly fragrant, beautifully white flowers. So, this «palm» is a real eye-catcher in every respect.

By the way: «our» Madagascar palms are produced in the beautiful village of Yvorne in the canton of Vaud and are therefore «made in Switzerland». 

Kariem stands for courage, concentration, and maturity 

Fancy a plant that - like our brand message Kariem Hussein - stands for courage, concentration, and maturity? Then look at our Madagascar palm. It's not just a feast for the eyes. Rather, in Feng Shui, it is assigned to the element of metal, which symbolizes the mentioned qualities. In addition, this plant is said to repel negative energy from the outside. And when you think of all the things we've been worrying about lately, having someone to protect us can only be a good thing.


By the way, according to Feng Shui, the Madagascar palm belongs to the wealth zone, which is logical since the properties listed in the title can only lead to success. You laugh? Try it out. Or better yet, give this cool gift to someone you like.

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