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Monstera «James» - often imitated but never equalled! 

Who would have thought that the millennial generation would bring a green urban jungle into the living room? For years, the Monstera has been leading this hit parade, which is not surprising when you consider that it already inspired Matisse and Picasso. Matisse not only loved women, but also shapes and flora. And when he moved to Cimiez in 1938, he found a huge Monstera plant that filled the room meters high and made him celebrate the ornamental beauty of its leaves in his «gouaches découpées». Another fan was Picasso. He told that he put his Monstera in the bathtub while he was travelling. And on his return, the plant had occupied the entire bathroom. Then for some time no one heard anything more about the Monstera. Until some time ago when it came into the focus of designers and made it into the fashion Olympus. Not only on blouses and dresses, but also in interior design. Well, here you can find the «original». And if you want to feel a bit like Matisse or Picasso or if you like design icons: take a look at our original Monstera «James».


In the ideal case Monstera «James» provides for good mood 

The Monstera is cool because it brings a bit of jungle, adventure and freedom into your home. But not only that. Because it creates a positive atmosphere and is highly symbolic. According to Feng Shui, it is suitable for all zones - with the exception of the career. In common rooms the Monstera collects energy, in large rooms it slows it down. In addition, in Chinese harmony theory the Monstera has the important task of balancing and calming down. The prerequisite, however, is that the relationship between man and the plant is good, otherwise the Monstera, as a real diva, can also cause unrest. Further statements about the Monstera: it needs a quiet place to act; it is a love plant and helps to overcome fears. Last but not least, in Feng Shui it is attributed to the element earth. 

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