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From Snowball to Hen: the Echeveria and its names 

Echeveria like our «Freddie» are so popular that they have been given many common names over time. For example, they are called Mexican Rose, Mexican Snowball or Mexican Jewel because of their whitish green leaves. But they are also known as «Hen and Chicks». Hen is the main or mother plant, while chicks are the many offsets, which start as tiny buds on the main plant, sprout their own roots and then settle near the mother plant.


In botany, the attractive Echeveria was named after the Mexican Atanasio Echeverría y Godoy, who worked as an illustrator for the Royal Botanical Expedition.

Symbolism: Echeveria «Freddy» stands for perseverance and strength

In the countries of origin with little rain, the Echeveria has learned to survive long periods of drought. It is therefore a symbol of endurance and strength and a beautiful gift for someone who has proven to be strong or is going through a difficult time.


Echeveria are succulent plants. And they are generally a symbol of tenacity and strength, but also of love that survives difficult stages of life. In Japan, the plants are even given as a gift to reveal one's love, expressing the hope for a relationship that will defy stormy times.

Watering: the Mexican «Freddy» is afraid of water 

As a little Mexican, Echeveria «Freddy» is used to a lot of sun. You should therefore allow the plant a bright, sunny, warm location. However, it cannot cope with moisture at all, which is why it feels out of place in the bathroom or kitchen. Freddy is also rather afraid of water. It is better to water less than more, and let soil dry out well between watering. Also make sure that you only water the soil and that no water gets on the leaves. Otherwise the leaves will start to rot. Withered or dried leaves of Echeveria should be removed, but not with a knife or scissors, but with a strong jerk. In this way, they detach themselves completely from the plant and no leaves that could rot are left behind.


Origin: Echeveria «Freddy» is a Mexican, olé! 

If Echeveria «Freddy» would be able to speak, that would be Spanish. For this succulent plant is mainly native to Mexico, but it also thrives in southern Peru.


Since it doesn't rain much there, Echeveria are able to store water in their thick, fleshy leaves. This characteristic allows them to survive even long periods of drought, making them true survival pros.


In short: Freddy is not only a perfect gift for people who love Mexico, Peru or Spanish, but also for all those who often forget to water their plants, have no time or are often on the move.

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