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Pachira aquatica or Tree of happiness


Tree of happiness «Charlie» loves firm habits 

Plenty of light, no direct sun, no draughts, no waterlogging, moderate watering and high air moisture: if you know these key data, you already know how to handle the Tree of happiness «Charlie».


To be honest, «Charlie» is in fact a «creature of habit»: he loves to have a fixed location, be watered weekly and receive fertilizer once a month during the growth phase.


Most important to him, however, is a regular «shower», because the highest possible air moisture is simply important for him to thrive. Do «Charlie» this favor and spray him regularly with lukewarm, preferably lime-free water (more often in winter because of the dry heating air).


By the way: if the leaves «curl», the plant has not been given enough water. If they become soft and yellow, the plant has been overwatered.


Tree of happiness «Charlie» simply takes care of your happiness 

The symbolism of the Tree of happiness «Charlie» is clear: it brings happiness. That is why it is often used, especially in feng shui, in almost every area. But as with every feng shui symbol, it is important to think about what happiness means in your own life. Do you want health? A career? Or even fame? Do you want as much money as possible? A loving family? Or many helpful friends? 


The location of the plant in the bathroom with its many drains is not recommended by feng shui experts, because happiness could be «washed away». But otherwise the Tree of happiness and the happiness associated with it is suitable for most rooms.


After all, happiness and positive energy are welcome everywhere. In addition, the Tree of happiness can reduce stress and anxiety and also help to alleviate sleep disorders. Well, this is certainly a good reason to buy a Tree of happiness for yourself or to give it to someone you like.

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