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 This is Bruce. 



Pot-Ø: 25cm

Height: approx. 100cm

Staying Power.

What else?

Go get him.

 Care tips

  • Euphorbia trigona loves the sunlight.

  • Pamper it in spring and summer with a special cactus fertilizer.

  • This plant grows well at temperatures between 18 and 25 °C.

  • In winter, during the resting period, temperatures can be slightly lower, between 12 and 15°C. 

  • Always make sure that children and pets do not hurt themselves on the plant.

0.5 dl / 2 weeks
a lot of light

Symbolism, colours & shapes

We all like it when everything is perfect in «our world». We love reliable friends, good health, a stable family, an interesting job and so much money that we do not need to worry about anything.


That is why we defend what we have. Now euphorbia «Bruce» might be helpful. Because according to Feng Shui this kind of euphorbia repels negative energies. It is also supposed to protect against electric smog.


In other words, whether health, partnership, family, children, knowledge, career or friends: Euphorbia «Bruce» is actually suitable for all living spaces, as long as the location is right. Because this euphorbia needs light and sunshine, but cannot tolerate full midday sun.


The Euphorbia trigona probably originates from the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, where dry and less dry seasons alternate Today it is a widespread and popular houseplant. The reason for this, apart from its attractiveness, is its ability to survive for a long time even under bad conditions.

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