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Crassula ovata


Topf-Ø: 20cm

Höhe: ca. 40cm 

Money Plant

(Crassula ovata)   

Pot-Ø: 18cm

Height: approx. 30cm

Care tips

  • They love a half-shaded position.

  • They do not tolerate waterlogging.

  • Keep the substratum slightly moist from April to October.

  • Water only when the surface of the soil is perceptibly dry.

  • Little water from November to March. 

0.5 dl / 2 weeks
medium light

Symbolism, colours & shapes

In Feng-Shui, the Money plant stands for wealth and prosperity, popularly also for harmony and balance.

With its glossy green leaves, Crassula ovata attracts everyone’s attention. In addition, it filters the pollutants from the air. Last but not least the richly branched ornamental shrub convinces with its ease of care, which is especially appreciated by beginners among hobby gardeners. Crassula ovata perfectly contrasts with flowering plants and thus prevents overloaded opulence on the windowsill


The Money plant comes from the smallest and at the same time richest phytochorion on this earth, the Capensis (cape flora). This region borders directly on the Succulent Karoo, a centre of biodiversity with almost 2,000 different succulent species. To survive in the arid and hot regions, Crassula ovata stores every drop of water in its fleshy leaves.

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