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Ficus elastica «Robusta»

(rubber fig)

Pot-Ø: 18 cm

Height: approx. 55 cm




Go get him.

Care tips

  • Place in a light, semi-shady spot.

  • It greens best at a temperature of 16-27 degrees C.

  • Do not give too much water. Preferably less than more water.

  • The soil may dry between watering.

0.2 dl / 2 weeks
medium light

Symbolism, colours & shapes

The rubber fig represents abundance, luck and wealth. According to Feng Shui teachings, with its round leaves, it is an ideal candidate for a corner to balance the sharp angles there. Especially the wealth corner of the house is a suitable location according to this teaching. Of course, you must first determine the right place at home.

The rubber fig is mainly known as a variety with dark green, large and strong leaves. However, there are also varieties with variegated leaves. The rubber fig grows very upright, so the plant does not need much space. However, it does need enough room height.


The rubber tree belongs to the Moraceae family and originates from Asia. The countries of origin of the plant are mainly India, Malaysia and the Indonesian island of Java. In nature, the plant becomes a large tree with many aerial roots. The name rubber fig is literally not quite correct. All parts of the plant contain an abundant milky white latex. However, the plant is not used for the commercial production of rubber or latex.

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